Winter Camp

I had a wonderful weekend at our high school camp. I was convicted about many things in my life, especially time management in regards to quiet time with the Lord. There were nine guys in my group, where I was able to counsel them along with my good friend and co-counselor, Aaron. All I wanted to do was to make sure they knew what the gospel was, so I continually described what justification is, which lead into sanctification.

One of the highlights of the group was when I was describing how Christ took our sins upon his body and in return, gave us his righteousness. Now the Father looks at us and now sees Christ's perfection, not ours. One of the guys said, "Kc, I just don't get it. Like, it's incomprehensible." In other words, he was trying to say that it is too good to be true. I was very excited about this because I really wanted my group to understand what Christ did, he brought us to peace with God (Rom 5:1).

Pedro Garcia taught on Romans 13:11-14. He really ministered to me because I need to wake up (v.11), walk uprightly (v.13), and put on the Lord Jesus Christ (v.14).

Another thing I thought about a lot was the song "Holy Fire." It says, "Holy fire, burn away, my desire for anything that is not of you but is of me." I want to be able to see this in my life, because those words are easy to sing, but hard to live.

Here are a few pictures from camp:

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I love that last picture of Michelle!!! She's so beautiful!:)