Failed 771 Times

Wow, now this is crazy. I saw on Yahoo News that this 68 year old lady in South Korea has failed her driving test 771 times. Since 2005, she has taken the test nearly every single working day and failed. This is incredible. If she ever passes, maybe she will have a bumper sticker on her car that says, "Never give up, never surrender." I think I probably would have stopped taking the test after I failed it 400 times, but she obviously has perseverance! This must be a world record.

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David D. said...

Wow! To think the Lord will forgive us so many more times than that when we fail!

Jacob said...

Haha that's amazing. Even if she does pass, she is still probably the worst driver ever.

Liz! said...

ridiculously unbelievable! i would be scared to drive near her!