Modern Day Job

Below is an e-mail that I received from Pastor Ralph Arthur. I read it and was shocked because I saw the news headline for it earlier but never knew that this horrible situation happened to a brother in Christ. Please read for this is definitely a modern day example of Job.

Chaplain for San Diego County Medical Examiner:

“Please pray for Mr. Yoon who lost his entire family and every earthly possession in his life today in a moment’s time. His wife, mother-in-law (who recently arrived from Korea to assist with the baby), one month old baby and toddler were all killed as they were in their house as an F-18 completely destroyed it and the house next door. Mr. Yoon is a man of faith and desperately needs our prayers for comfort from the only One that can provide it. He will not be able to have a viewing to say goodbye due to the damage from the fire. His pastor was on the way as we left him last night and he does have family he will stay with in Chula Vista .

Joe Davis


San Diego County Medical Examiner

The following is from Yahoo News:

The Marine Corps fighter plane was returning from an offshore training mission when it clipped a tree and slammed into homes about two miles from Miramar. Two homes were incinerated, and three others were damaged. Three generations of a Korean family died in one home.

The family's pastor, the Rev. Kevin Le e of the Korean United Methodist Church in San Diego, identified three of them as Young Mi Yoon, 36; her 2-month-old daughter, Rachel; and her mother, Suk Im Kim, 60, who was visiting from South Korea to help care for her daughter's newborn.

The body of 15-month-old Grace Yoon, Rachel's sister, was found in the home Tuesday, Fire Department spokesman Maurice Luque said. No one else remained missing.

Young Mi Yoon's widower defended the pilot Tuesday.

"I don't have any hard feelings," Dong Yun Yoon, 37, told reporters near the rubble where his home once stood. "I know he did everything he could."

Dong Yun Yoon, who left Korea in 1989 and became a U.S. citizen, wondered aloud how he would persevere after losing his family.

"Please tell me how to do it," he said, surrounded by his pastor, sister, brother and church members. "I don't know what to do."

This is a modern day Job. Man, this is crazy. A marine fighter plane crashes into his house and kills three generations worth of his family. Everything and everyone is gone in a second. What if this happened to you? To me? What would we do? The only answer can be found in having the Lord. He is the only one who can get Dong Yun Yoon, a 37 year old man, through this horrible time. We need to pray for this man because he has literally lost everything. Just at the Lord did for Job, may he restore for Yoon everything in abundance.

This is a time where this verse seems to really stick out:

Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:25-26

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