It's Almost Like Stealing

So out of nowhere my brother was like, "Yo KC, lets go to Sports Chalet. They have a sale." So I agreed to roll with him. And well, I got some deals:

New Balance Fitness shoes - $85.00 - I got them for $5.00 (I am giving these to Michelle's dad).

Born casual shoes - $75.00 - I got them for $10.00 (Nice leather, they smell good!)

Salomon hiking shoes - $85.00 - I got them for $2.50 (that's like 97% off!).

Total retail cost: $245
What I paid: $17.50
Getting ridiculous deals: priceless (well not literally, but almost!).


Liz! said...

oh my goodness!! how in the world did you manage to find deals like this?!?!

by the way, those top ones totally look like shoes michelle's dad would wear!

and...i like the second pair. good picks.

RJ McCauley said...

Yup, i got two of the three. Thanks for coming with me. That was fun. So i will see you there tomorrow? lol.

Jillian said...

some hiking shoes, eh? i think that means you should be doing some hiking soon, yes?

Anonymous said...

yeah Jillian he's getting ready for the Grand Canyon ;) lol jk
oohhh yeah i like the ones for my dad! i can't wait to go today! :D