We truly live in a crazy society. Since I work for the CNUSD and I am taking classes at CBU on education, I am learning that the school district in California is messed up! Did you know the California Teachers Association (CTA) sent $1 million of union dues in order to campaign against Prop. 8? There have been so many teachers that have been fired due to a "lack of funds." Obviously there isn't a lack of funds if the CTA can donate $1 million to support gay marriage. Many teachers that do not support Prop. 8 are angry because the CTA is using their money in this campaign. The sad thing is, I work at a public school and I haven't even heard about this, but I am thankful that my father did. There is only one word that comes to mind when thinking about this: corruption.


Anonymous said...

that is so ridiculous! you're dad always knows about everything that's going on...lol

btw...i like the the changes you made to your page :)

Allison said...

That is crazy!