I'm an Artist

This past week I finished my art project. I did it while I was with Phil during his third period art class. Of course, I don't get a grade on my project, but it would be an A! Since Allison has been posting pictures all of her art projects for school, I thought I would post mine!

Kung Fu Panda is sweet!

So, am I a pro or what???????


Jillian said...

this is really good kase. i'm proud.

David D. said...

Did you color or draw it?

K.C. said...

Thanks Jillian!

David....do you think that I colored it or that I drew it?

Jacob said...

Dang, that's good.

I still haven't seen that movie... I'm probably going to get rebuked for saying that.

Allison said...

It is a GREAT movie Jacob, u def need to see it.
Glad to see I have set the art in motion, first michelle now, kc, whose next?