Corrupted Schools

As many of you have heard, the public schools in California are a hot topic right now. Schools have had to drastically cut their budgets, which means that people are going to get fired. In the district that I work at (the Corona-Norco School District) we are cutting a projected $37 million for this school year and the next. Therefore, many teachers are going to receive a pink slip. By law, the teachers are suppossed to receive them by March 15. So as you can imagine, teachers were very scared today and many of them wore pink clothing in order to "protest" this giant problem.

The Point of this Post

My union, the CSEA (California School Employees Association) is updating all of us about the corruption that is going on in the various districts. Well, the Hemet school district is in a mess! While teachers are being laid off, the Superintendent and 7 of his assistants are receiving raises! Their greed is causing others to lose their job.

They will be receiving a two-year compensation package totaling $2,875,726.00 in
the midst of devastating cuts to education funding.
Wow. You can imagine the uproar that is happening. Hard working teachers are losing their jobs, and the big shots are getting raises. Check out a video of one of their intense board meetings by clicking here.

All of this chaos brings one word to my mind: corruption!

Doesn't this situation give evidence that we live in a fallen world?

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I NO longer want to be a teacher!

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