Swear on the Bible, What Does That Mean?

(In order to understand the purpose of this blog, you must watch the short video)


I have read several different blogs concerning our new President. I agree with all that we need to pray for him and our country and also show respect. But, we ultimately need to show respect to God and follow his word.

Anyways, I have been thinking a lot about how Obama was sworn in on Abraham Lincoln's Bible. My thought has been, "Why would you swear on something that you don't even believe in?"

Please watch this video to understand our President's view of Scripture.

I am not talking about any policies he has or what may be changed, I am focusing on how he is supposed to be an honorable man, but yet he is swearing his presidential oath on something he doesn't even believe in. Where is the honesty at? Why swear on it when he admits it is not authoritative? Does this discredit the honesty of his oath?

This is not an Obama bash. I do give him respect as our Commander and Chief, I am just thinking critically and trying to honor the true "Commander and Chief," our King Jesus. His word is above all, yet it is mocked at by the same person who swears by it?

A side note, this is a wonderful day in American history as logical diversity (as in ethnicity and skin color) can finally be celebrated. Amen.

This not only applies to Obama, but to many of our past Presidents and other government officials. Something to think about.

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Jillian said...

Interesting. I have a feeling that you were talking about me and my post about praying for him. I do think that we need to pray for him, and I think that this is the perfect reason as to why we should pray for him. I totally agree with what you're saying...the whole "placing his hand on something he doesn't believe in." I never thought about that and I'm real glad that you posted that video. Thanks dude.