I Won!

I received a pleasant e-mail today from Abraham Piper, who is John Piper's son. The e-mail said:

Congratulations! You were among those drawn for the 3rd prize in our recent giveaway.

That means we want to send you a John Piper Logos Sermon Manuscript Library.

Please respond with the name and address that you would like us to mail your prize to.

Thanks a lot for reading the DG Blog and participating in this giveaway!

Abraham Piper
Web Content Editor
Desiring God

What a blessing! I am getting the John Piper Logos Sermon Manuscript Library for free! It is a computer software that has 1,125 John Piper sermon manuscripts that have been preached over the last 27 years. All I had to do was leave a comment on the Desiring God blog to enter their giveaway. It has an $80 value! Sweet!


Liz! said...

luckyyyyyyy! i never win anything! especially something like this!

Shaka said...

You always get free things :) i love it!

RJ McCauley said...

Lucky...but the cool thing is i get to use it because you know, were brothers!

David D. said...

Haha Nice!! Looks like Piper is giving you a high five!

Me too!!