Reality Check

Ron McClelland, the bass player for Story Side B, died this weekend while playing basketball on a cruise ship. He collapsed from a heart attack and was not able to be revived. I read an article that stated that he was a youth pastor before he joined the band. It is so crazy to think about how he is dead; he was just simply playing basketball on a cruise ship. I played basketball today at the gym and the thought of death never crossed my mind. He played at Harvest on New Years and I was working the merchandise stand. I crossed eyes several times with him and he even talked to me for a small bit.

This guy was huge! He was stinkin' buff. It is just crazy to think that he died while playing basketball on a cruise ship, even while being in good shape. This is just a fresh reminder that our days our numbered and that death can strike at any time, even while playing a basketball game on a cruise ship. The Lord be with his friends and family.

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Jacob said...

I know, that is so crazy. Such a reminder that this life is as a vapor.