Well it is the one day were everyone openly participates in gluttony! . . . j/k. It was a blessing to take advantage of this holiday we call "Thanksgiving" even though it has been commercialized just like every other holiday we celebrate, by serving food to the hungry at Bryant park. Although there were a ton of volunteers from the church, it was still nice to serve the 5 or 6 plates of food and ask the Lord to bless the people receiving it. Don't worry, we just didn't hand food out, the gospel was presented as well.

We need to be thankful for his blessings, but are we living a lifestyle that demonstrates that? Am I living a lifestyle like that? Or do I just decide to be thankful once a year?

One way to be truly thankful is to remember the finished work of the cross of Christ and look forward to being with him forever in paradise.

On a side note, shouldn't our THANKS produce GIVING? You know...THANKSGIVING? And we should also thank the Lord for his giving: the giving of the son of God to endure the wrath of the Father for our sins, so that we might become his righteousness. Whew, amen!


David D. said...

That's tight! I'm glad someone hit home on this point, something I've been pondering lately.

RJ McCauley said...

Amen man, thats what its all about. This morning i woke up and the entire family room is covered in gifts! lol.