15 Negative Effects of a Watered-Down Message

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The following is a summary of "Plexiglas Preaching: The Devastating Consequences of a Watered-Down Message," in the book Fool's Gold?: Discerning Truth in an Age of Error, edited by John MacArthur. He offers 15 points that list the "negative effects of the superficial brand of preaching that is so rife in modern evangelicalism." He says, "I offer them as a warning against superficial, marginally-biblical preaching--both to those who stand behind the pulpit and to those who sit in the pew."

1. It usurps the authority of God over the soul.
2. It removes the lordship of Christ from His church.
3. It hinders the work of the Holy Spirit.
4. It demonstrates appalling pride and a lack of submission.
5. It severs the preacher personally from the regular sanctifying grace of Scripture.
6. It clouds the true depth and transcendence of our message and therefore cripples both corporate and personal worship.
7. It prevents the preacher from fully developing the mind of Christ.
8. It depreciates by example the spiritual duty and priority of personal Bible study.
9. It prevents the preacher from being the voice of God on every issue of his time.
10. It breeds a congregation that is as weak and indifferent to the gory of God as their pastor is.
11. It robs people of their only true source of help.
12. It encourages people to become indifferent to the Word of God and divine authority.
13. It lies to people about what they really need.
14. It strips the pulpit of power.
15. It puts the responsibility on the preacher to change people with his cleverness.

Therefore, we need to preach the word (2 Tim 4:2) and listen to those who do the same!

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