Flashback from North Carolina

In the Summer of 2007 I went with the SWAT team to North Carolina to support the Harvest Crusade. Like all SWAT trips, we invited tons of people out to the crusade and I had a great conversation in one of the malls. I talked to a man named Robert, shared the gospel with him, and he decided to ask God for forgiveness by himself as I stood and watched him. It was pretty cool because we so commonly resort to having them recite and repeat the "sinner's prayer," but he decided to pray himself.

Anyways, the other day at work I received a phone call and the area code was 408. I thought, "random voice recorded message," and I hung it up. Then the phone rang again so I stepped outside of the class and answered it. Well, it was that guy Robert from North Carolina! I never talked to him after that day in the mall and he told me that he had found my cell phone number in his wallet and he wanted to call and ask for prayer.

He said that within the last two weeks he really started to take his relationship with God seriously, but he was still struggling because of certain situations in his life. He randomly found my number in his wallet and decided to call me.

Isn't that cool that after talking to some guy nearly two years ago randomly calls asking for prayer?